Shakti drama review and updates

Start of the Show

Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki started as a ‘hatke’ show on the little screen with the lead saint being an eunuch. The chemical was named as ‘hard-hitting’ and ‘exceptional’ by its creator Rashmi Sharma. Anyway by then if you follow it eagerly, the stipulations and defects in the plot are exceptionally clear and fill in as an imprint to the promising storyline.

Shakti is about the story of two sisters – Saumya (Rubina Dilaik) and Surbhi (Roshni Sahota). While Saumya is excused by her father (played by Ayub Khan), Surbhi is the apple of his eyes. The two young ladies have starkingly different characters.

For a circumstance of mishap, Harman (Vivian Dsena), who ought to kidnap Surbhi for playing a trick on him, ends up holding onto Saumya taking everything into account. Notwithstanding the way that he conveys her the next day, local people fault her for setting down with Harman. To save the remaining of both the families, Harman’s father orders him to apply sindoor on Saumya’s temple. This leaves her mother Nimmi (Reena Kapoor) shell staggered.

She focuses on such Saumya’s life would be out if she gets hitched to Harman. Notwithstanding a couple of battles by Saumya’s people and her father’s undertaking to kill her, the two get hitched. It is post her wedding, that she gets to know she is a transgender. Also, reveals something almost identical to her soul mate. Harman is shown to be exasperated when he discovers concerning her person anyway dynamically decides to hold on for 21 days, till Saumya is freed from the grasp of the ‘kinnar’ society.The storyline has colossal potential, yet what kills it is how the female lead is oblivious with respect to the truth of her existence till she gets hitched. Shakti is incredibly hair-raising as we see Saumya panicked like a fish and miserable continually. It simply wrecks the remaining of the transgender society, than builds it.


Plot and Turning point

Moreover, it revolves around all the TRP bringing parts like feeling between the lead couple and the passing depictions of their real interest with each other. That totally brings down the solid issue that the show so expected to include.

The scenes are expanded and look pulled. Various scenes offer you a chance to yawn and look at your adaptable screens. While Rubina needs to stop groaning and wailing insanely, Vivian needs to get up to speed with his acting capacities. Shakti simply makes for an ordinary endeavor and is nothing close to what it promised.The lead cast of the show addresses herself and her character. The show furthermore shows certified sentiment where two people love each other unequivocally notwithstanding being Transgender.

Rubina Dilaik and Vivian Dsena are standing out work, and their in-work characters are Soumya Harman Singh and Harman Harak Singh.


Rubina is at this point participating in Big Boss 14.

Kamya Panjabi as Preeto Kaur Singh in a positive occupation oversaw over the hearts of the group.

Jigyasa Singh as Heer and Simba Nagpal as Virat Singh is dealing with the new beginning of the show after the time-elapse inconceivably well. Their acting continues to hold the horde of the show.

The show turns around a youngster being “Kinnar “and the difficulties she faces and losses in her outing to have a common presence. The show passes on a message with an ardent plot, the way where the Indian TV swarm likes.

Notwithstanding the way that the show relies upon a new and various thought, the evaluations got by IMBD are not excellent, which is 5.8. In any case, it is doing exceptional with TRPs and sorted out some way to get an awesome response from the audience.The show’s plot is set in Punjab; the show starts where Maninder attempts to cover his baby young lady Soumya anyway misses the mark as his soul mate Nimmi keeps him from doing accordingly.


Saumya has a sister, Surbhi, whom a spoilt scoundrel Harman endeavors to get yet ends up kidnapping Saumya taking everything into account. After this scene, Harman expected to marry Saumya due to strain got from Harak. From the outset, both of them didn’t seem to like each other, yet finally, both start succumbing to one another.

After some time, Saumya learns tha she is a Transgender being suggested as “Kinnar” she tells Harman, who is rankled to know reality concerning Saumya.

The show incorporated a huge load of sensation and empowering turns after everyone knows reality. Amidst this heap of energizing twists in the street, some confusion drives Harman to marry Mahi, and following two or three months, Harman fails horrendously; later, Mahi delivers another youth who is in like manner a Transgender.

On learning her real character, Mahi leaves her young person. Preeto and Saumya raise the young woman, who was named Heer.Heer created to be a bubbly child, she was venerated by Preeto and Saumya, but her mother disdained her. Saumya kicks the container in a disaster, and this is where the show requires some venture pass of 16 years, and Heer winds up being a stunning woman content with her family and guaranteed by her kin Soham and Rohan. Heer becomes associates with Virat and both fall for each other, but since the families don’t recognize their worship, they run off and marry in an asylum.



  • By and by the norm, destroyed thought of show reiterates. Virat comes to know Heer’s real character and starts abhorring her, inciting Virat’s parcel and incorporation with another youngster. Heer promises to neglect to recollect Virat. Anyway by then Virat again surrenders to Heer, yet this time with her genuine character.


  • Virat exhibits his reverence for Heer, and heaps of sensation occurs, convincing both the families, and the show continues.

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