Performer accepting two fold part

Performer accepting two fold part

Ekta Gupta, who was a piece of the show, had actually called stops due to specific differentiations. As indicated by past reports, the work that he was ensured was some different option from what’s generally anticipated from the one which he was truly promoted.

He had told the media that he might not want to blame anyone for this as such conditions are normal in news sources. The performer who was to play the male lead’s sidekick also referred to that he is lively that Ekta Kapoor will consider him for strong positions in the future.

Ekta Kapoor’s consecutive Kuch Toh Hai of the Naagin series highlighting Harsh Rajput and Krishna Mukherjee will in a little while go off air. The show which has not completed 10 scenes till now couldn’t interface with the group and in this way didn’t get enough TRP. The makers of the show have obviously presently taught the cast and gathering in regards to the show about the hopeless news. The plot of the show twirls around a heartfelt story between Rehaan, a vampire and Priya, a naagin.

According to a report appropriated in SpotboyE, the buzz around this news has been going for quite a while, but it is actually that the channel took the decision to reconsider. A source close to the show has also instructed that the last scene in regards to the consecutive will be communicated on March 21. The successive which in like manner stars Vaishali Thakkar, Resham Tipnis, Manini Mishra and Naveen Saini went on air on February 7. Now, none of the performers or performers have offered any comments as for this news.

For the unversed, this show was the side undertaking Naagin 5, a consecutive that had sorted out some way to win the groups’ heart. The show had highlighted Sharad Malhotra and Surbhi Chandna standing out positions. This particular TV show which stunned the watchers went off air in February resulting to running for a period of a half year.

Reshmai Entry



Colors TV’s popular consecutive Naagin 4 is ready for an outstanding sensation in the approaching story with Rashami Desai’s passageway in show as Shalakha following a 1-year bounce.

So far we have seen that Brinda vows to fulfill Manyata’s craving and decides to deliver requital from the Parikh family for her passing.

  • She similarly left Dev and started getting the data on all of the extraordinary forces that will help in this mission.


  • As of now we will see a 1-year bounce in the storyline and after it, we will see the entry of Rashami Desai who is expecting the piece of Shalaka.


  • Dev’s is remarried and Shalakha is Dev’s second mate who is participating in the Holi festivity with Parekhs.


  • Shalakha is similarly an ichchadhari naagin who came in the Parikh family with some mystery intentions.On the contrary side, following a 1-year bounce, Brinda will moreover get back to deliver her revenge from Dev and Parekh pariwar.


  • She makes reappearance during the Holi celebrations and will target Harsh and killed her.

Dev and others get paralyzed seeing missing Harsh is dead in the pool of water.

As of now it would be especially interesting to see what happens when Brinda will get to know this serious truth that Dev is hitched to Shalakha.

We moreover heard that Shalaka is actually Brinda’s sister Nayantara, but for the asserted news should hold on.

Stay related with us to get all the latest snitch and data on Naagin 4.

Latest Updates of Naagin 4

Performer accepting two fold part

Tones’ glorious show Naagin 5, made by Balaji Telefilms, is exploring each likelihood to keep the watchers trapped with its ceaseless performance.

The fifth part which stars Surbhi Chandna, Sharad Malhotra and Mohit Sehgal standing out positions, is furnishing with a huge curve.

According to our sources, the female legend Surbhi Chandna will depict twofold positions in the Naagin 5.



As we likely know, Surbhi who expects the part shape moving snake work named Bani in the show. As of now, in the coming scenes, watchers can expect Bani’s clone named Rani progressing in Naagin 5. Bani, who is continually spotted wearing a saree, Rani will be totally her converse. She is solid and would march her twists in western outfits like tank top and jeans. Surbhi without uncovering any nuances, shared a few pictures in her new image on her Instagram profile. For sure, yet we have adequately spilled the beans.

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