Naagin 6 latest Updates

Naagin 6 latest Updates

The story is about Rehan and Priya, who are absolutely novel corresponding to each other. Rehan is exceptional, lives like a human notwithstanding not being one. He lean towards lack of clarity and severely dislikes light as he is a castigated Aadishaat (vampire) and searches for warmth which he will not at any point find. Priya is a half-human, half-pixie. She has some phenomenal powers. The two meet in Mussoorie when Rehan returns to India to get to know reality behind his incredible person while Priya appears there to search for her lamentably missing watchmen.


They feel attracted to each other yet hide their veritable selves. Priya starts living in the Khurana’s manor oblivious that they are her certifiable family. Rageshwari, Priya’s repulsed mother, knowing their powers and their fate, endeavors to separate Priya from Rehan, tolerating that he might hurt her. Meanwhile, Rehan and Priya more than once run into one another and sense affiliations. Priya gains from Rageshwari that she is her mother and Farishta is her father. She decides to remain silent with regards to this to not obliterate her mother’s respect before her family.


Rehan gets his authoritative vampire powers. Priya learns of Rehan’s person in the wake of seeing him in his real construction. He hesitantly attacks her anyway crashes and burns. He comprehends that something is holding him back from harming her. The next day being a full moon day is when Rehan will thoroughly change into an Aadishaat. Meanwhile, Swati and Arnav’s responsibility occurs. Priya feels that she should uncover Rehan’s existence before everyone with the exception of Rageshwari gets her a room, fearing Rehan might hurt Priya to end up being even more amazing. It is moreover detailed that Soumya and Mohit’s responsibility will in like manner happen that very day. Regardless, Mohit puzzles over whether to make Soumya wear the ring and reveals to everyone that he loves Priya, amazingly. Rehan goes to confront Priya about her relationship with Mohit.

Rehan apologizes to Priya for alarming her and conveys his significant love for his sister, Soumya. He also discusses her worship for Mohit. As Priya says she has no expressions of warmth for Mohit, Rehan demands her help to make Mohit aware of the real world. He convinces her to agree to his fake suggestion to be locked in to get Mohit a long way from her.

She agrees relying on the prerequisite that Rehan shouldn’t hurt her family. Rehan offers thanks toward her and takes her home where he proposes her. Regardless, Priya varies and says that she venerates Mohit, in the wake of being forced by a pariah named Ajnabi who held Rageshwari detainee. This crushes their game plan and his oblivious sister’s life and bothers Rehan. So he takes Priya to a wild and kills her. He then, transforms into an Aadishaat and gets wild powers which cause him to neglect to recall the manslaughter. Rageshwari takes Priya’s dead body to a confusing spot and contends for her recuperation.



Upon her requesting, Shivanya, Shivangi, Bela, Brinda and Bani are assembled to give their poison to Priya as an antibody for Rehan’s snack. Priya is resuscitated and changes into a naagin with powers identical to Rehan. In the meantime, Rehan endeavors to review the night he took her to the wild. Priya decides to deliver requital on Rehan for killing her. Likewise, she returns to his home and beguiles Mohit to marry her. Rehan subverts Mohit and solicitations that he marry Soumya. He resources Priya around him and sweeps the house for her. He finally sees her concealed as a woman of great importance, disguising Soumya and having her spot. He gets Mohit a room and copies him. Rehan and Priya are then hitched. The others are shocked when they see Priya.

Upon Rehan’s interest, they agree to permit Priya to stay in their house.Rageshwari is killed by pam and Soumya and they are uncovered to be the basic heretics. After series of events Priya gets to the real world and Soumya is killed by Pam. Pam takes Rehan with her to kill him so she can get his powers anyway Priya saves him and both of them kill Pam. Rehan and Priya indicate their friendship for each other and rejoin with their family.Naagin 6 (Kuch Toh Hai Naagin) is the side undertaking consecutive of Naagin 5 and relies upon the story of Priya, who is the posterity of an angel and a human.

  • Naagin season 6 (in Hindi नागिन 6) rule female lead performer, Priya has exceptional powers and is a crossbreed of a human and a pixie. She is raised as a transient and later goes over Rehaan and feels attracted to him.


  • Naagin’s new season 6 male lead performer, Rehaan is a berated Aadishaat who is the offspring of Bani and Veer from of Naagin season 5.


  • Rehaan and Priya are totally opposite but simultaneously feel a glimmer whenever they meet. In any case, Rageshwari knows their story and wishes to segregate them.


  • The work of male lead Rehaan in Naagin6 is played by Harsh Rajput while Krishna Mukherjee expects the piece of the female lead.

Here in this article, we are sharing the information about the cast and gathering, story, squeals, and spoilers, turns and turns of the Nagin 6 serial.It is confirmed! Naagin spin-off TV show Kuch Toh Hai:Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein is wrapping with under two months. The show will communicate its continue to go scene on March 21. Kuch Toh Hai started on Feb 7 yet didn’t gather together the fundamental assessments, thusly the decision to end it in a little while has been taken.

A source said, “The entire gathering thinks about the headway since seven days now, yet they were all keeping it together for a power assertion.”


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