Captaincy Task gone wrong In BB15

Karan Kundra admits to have crush on

Bigg Boss 15 has been seeing a lot of sensation, fights, and clearly, tasks too. While Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Shegaal were the primary a few this season, it seems like a resulting one is truly coming to fruition as Karan Kundrra was seen bantering with Akasa Singh about Tejasswi Prakash.

Nonetheless, exactly when Akasa asked regarding whether he adores her, he admitted to having a strong fascination with her and besides continued to say that there’s nothing from her side. In all honesty, Akasa is apparently certain that there is something. Karan in like manner says how she’s a little ‘spoof’ yet she is wonderful taking everything into account. Besides, without a doubt, this might be an astounding second for all TejRan fans who have been sent the two since some time now.Meanwhile, in a few scenes earlier, we moreover saw Tejasswi comfort Karan when he was a little low and told him that she will manage him and be more aware of not kust his shock yet furthermore regardless.

Now, the scene around evening time will see guaranteed winner challenger Rajiv Adatia change things up in the house, especially conditions that Vishal Kotian shares. We will see Shamita Shetty go facing him of sorts as well. The scene around evening time will moreover see assignments with Vishal Kotian being a target of many, and from its energies, also an avowed determination during the current week.


Bigg Boss 15 captaincy task

These days in Bigg Boss 15, it’s feeling perceptible all around for TejRan otherwise called Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra. The two have been reliably becoming appended to each other. Karan even confessed to inclining toward Tejasswi on the show lately. The lady is yet to examine her opinions anyway their science can be found in the scenes. In the looming scene, we will see Tejasswi needing clinical support and Karan Kundrra flooding her to the clinical room. It’s the captaincy task that will end up being awful. In like manner Read – Bigg Boss 15: Do you think Miesha Iyer is playing with Ieshaan Sehgaal’s feelings?



With the entry into the new week, it’s an optimal chance to get another captain. Moreover, from this time forward, the captaincy task will begin. Afsana Khan would be one of the contenders for the endeavor. The housemates put forth a legitimate attempt to make Afsana move from the seat. They bring a wide scope of things, garbage, shower powder, etc to take her activity. Jay Bhanushali asks Afsana that they are by and large playing with her mind and that it’s a cerebrum game. Afsana seems not actually settled forever. As of now, during the task, Tejasswi will bring a powder which we see Afsana using back on Nishant and Tejasswi. The powder will go into her mouth and Tejasswi would start hacking harshly. She would continue to rests near Vishwasuntree. Her hacking won’t stop and she would even regurgitation it out. Moreover Read – Bigg Boss 15, Day 22, Twitter Reactions: ‘Nazar Na Lage inko’ Fans can’t stop pulling for #TejRan as Karan Kundrra-Tejasswi Prakash indirectly concede their feelings

We will see housemates getting worried about Tejasswi. Karan Kundrra who will be nearby would lift her up in his arms and flood her to the clinical roomOn the other hand, Rajiv Adatia’s passage into the Bigg Boss 15 house has stirred up the circumstances. We can see Meisha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal’s bond getting impacted on the show. Karan Kundrra isn’t unaware of the progressions that Rajiv brings and goes facing him about his procedure.

We trust Teja is fine.

Bigg Boss 15 weekend ka war special

Bigg Boss 15’s Weekend Ka Vaar’s are inferred absolutely for have Salman Khan. The Bollywood superstar not just acclaims explicit whiz contender for their phenomenal presentations yet also schools a couple of challengers for their misguided exercises and decisions. Furthermore, in the latest Sunday Ka Vaar, the Dabangg performer taught notable TV performer Jay Bhanushali for his assurance to save the prize money of the show.

Before you read more concerning the elements of the recently referenced scene, let us let you in on that during a task, not actually settled to win the full prize money and in light of the same, he didn’t permit any contender to win the endeavor.



Getting back to the elements of the scene, Salman Khan tried Jay as for his determination to save the prize money. As per the advancement, which is posted by BB15 makers, Salman told Jay, “It was Bigg Boss’ prize money. Why were you taking an especially strong stay to save your image?” considering this, Jay referred to that he fears losing money.To which, Salman mentioned that the TV performer not fear. “Jay, ye jo fear hai na, yaha standard isko nikal do. Ye fear hai na, aapko le doobega.” Sharing the advancement with the watchers by means of online media, the makers of Bigg Boss 15 communicated, “Salman ne uthaye Jay ki game standard sawaal! Kya Jay ka woh decision tha ekdum galat?Meanwhile, in the last scene of Bigg Boss 15, no removal happened as performers Vidhi Pandya and Donal Bisht were discarded in an unforeseen expelling held in the BB15 house. The performer’s expected to quit something basically the same after a bigger piece of the competitors took their names during the in-house removing process.

Considering everything, it airs from Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm on Colors.

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